A TOTAL Defence concept - but for the Clean and Green movement?
That is what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong would like to see here: the adaptation of Singapore's comprehensive defence strategy - which stresses the role of every citizen in protecting the nation - to the environment.

'Taking care of the environment is something which concerns all of us,' he said on Saturday. 'Singaporeans understand that national defence is critical to our survival and cannot be left to the Singapore Armed Forces alone and each citizen has a part to play.

'Similarly, we cannot succeed in making Singapore clean and green unless we get corporations and individuals to play their part alongside the Government.'

Mr Lee was speaking at the launch of the Clean and Green Singapore 2011 campaign. The annual campaign, now in its third year, aims to inspire Singaporeans to care for the environment. The theme this year is Promoting Environmental Ownership, and it was launched with a carnival that includes a bazaar selling eco-friendly products. It is sited in Sengkang where it will remain for two days.

In his speech, PM Lee noted that 'Singaporeans are feeling a growing environmental consciousness, especially young Singaporeans'.

Defend your environment