INCIDENCES of dengue fever are expected to remain high over the rest of the year.

So far this year, an average of 105 cases have been recorded every week, and this is expected to continue, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) in response to queries.

The good news is that the number of cases has dropped in recent weeks, from a high of 182 seen during one week last month.

A sweeping check of over 300 construction sites by the authorities over a two-week period last month identified 52 as mosquito breeding sites.

Such checks are usually conducted once a month by the NEA, but an alarming surge in dengue cases recently, partly traced to Aedes mosquitoes found breeding in poorly managed sites, prompted the agency to step up its checks.

The recent spike in cases can also be attributed to the larger number of breeding spots discovered in homes and hotspots like construction sites, said an NEA spokesman. Some 19,000 such spots have been found till September this year, compared to 16,878 in the first nine months of last year.

Dengue to remain high