THE doctor fined and censured by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) last week for an advertisement that gave the impression that he was a pioneer of stem-cell therapy is in the soup again.

This time, Dr Wong Yoke Meng, 63, has been charged with advertising stem-cell treatment for facial and body 'rejuvenation', a procedure yet to be medically proven.

For this act of professional misconduct in March 2008, he is being fined $10,000 and censured. He also has to give a written undertaking not to repeat the offence and bear the cost of the hearing.

This comes after last week's fine of $7,000 and censure.

And he is not yet out of the woods. He told The Straits Times that another case against him, also for advertisements by his clinic in 2007, has been scheduled for hearing next week by the SMC, the watchdog of the medical profession.

Dr Wong, an obstetrician and gynaecologist by training, practises what he calls 'preventive medicine' at his two clinics in Paragon Medical Centre. In 2007, he offered patients the option of 'rejuvenating' stem-cell treatments in countries like Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland, as such treatments are not approved here. He recommended overseas clinics to his patients and cast himself as their provider of pre- and post-procedure treatment.

Doc fined again over ads