A SURGEON, whose patient died following an operation in 2005, failed in his fight against his six-month suspension for neglect and mismanaging the treatment of the 54-year-old man.

The Singapore Medical Council, in upholding the sentence passed by the court, said on Tuesday the suspension was not out of line with the previous cases and it was not manifestly excessive.

As such, the sentence ordered by its Disciplinary Committee will stand, said a statement from SMC, which announced the findings of a disciplinary inquiry into Dr Gan Keng Seng Eric, who performed the surgery at Alexandra Hospital.

The disciplinary committee found Dr Gan guilty of professional misconduct in April for failing to order a CT scan of his patient within reasonable time. He was also faulted for not being at the patient's bedside on the night after the operation. The Court of Three Judges on Monday disagreed with the various grounds raised by Dr Gan in his appeal.

In particular, the court said that 'even though Dr Gan's failure to attend to the patient on the night of 6 Dec 2005 was not specifically set out in the charge nor in the particulars furnished, his conduct in relation to the care of the patient was necessarily put in issue when he was charged with willful neglect of his duties and gross mismanagement in the post-operative treatment of the patient'.

The Court dismissed Dr Gan's appeal on both conviction and sentence. It affirmed the committee's decision to have found Dr Gan guilty of gross neglect or mismanagement in failing to see the patient in a more timely fashion. It also found that the suspension of six months was not out of line with previous cases and it was not manifestly excessive.

Doc's appeal dismissed