A DOCTOR was fined $10,000 for offering treatment which was not medically proven, the Singapore Medical Council said on Tuesday.

Dr Wong Yoke Meng, who specialises as an obstetrician and gynaecologist, was also censured and ordered to give written undertaking that he would no longer offer such treatment.

Dr Wong, 63, had offered, by way of an advertisement titled 'Anti-ageing & Aesthetic Medicine' in Clinique Suisse at Paragon Medical Centre, stem cell for skin therapy, facial and body rejuvenation, a treatment not medically proven.

He claimed the offered services described as 'stem cell for skin therapy' were merely the topical application of stem cell creams, and as such, he was not providing any treatment but merely selling cosmetics to patients.

Dr Wong said that he had no idea that stem cell therapy was not legal in Singapore and believed that he was not doing any harm.

A disciplinary committee did not accept Dr Wong's position, noting that the advertisement use words like 'Aesthetic Medicine' and 'Stem Cell Therapy', which would have led members of the public to believing that they would be receiving medically proven and accepted treatment.

It also said that with regard to the facial and body rejuvenation treatment, the fact that the stem cell treatment was carried out overseas did not absolve Dr Wong from misconduct.

Dr Wong 'knew or ought to have known that the services offered by the entities overseas were not medically proven', said an SMC statement.

Doctor fined $10,000