WASHINGTON - A 51-YEAR-OLD man convicted of killing a couple in their 80s was executed by lethal injection in Texas on Thursday, prison officials said.

Larry Wooten was pronounced dead at 6.21pm (2321 GMT, 7.21am Singapore time), 20 minutes after he was given the toxic cocktail of drugs.

'Since I dont't have anything to say, you can go ahead and send me to my Heavenly Father,' Wooten said as his last statement.

Wooten was a severe cocaine addict when on Sept 3, 1996 he beat and stabbed to death Gravy and Bessie Alexander, aged 80 and 86 years respectively.

He had been married to their niece. After the killings he stole US$500 (S$650) from the couple that he used to buy cocaine. He was sentenced to death two years later.

Wooten was the 17th man executed in Texas in 2010, and the 43rd in the United States this year.

Double murderer executed