SHANGHAI - A MAN hired by a Singapore couple in Shanghai to be the family chauffeur kidnapped their children instead just a month into his job, Chinese media reported.

Shen Guanghui, 43, was sentenced to 11 years' jail by the Minhang district people's court on Wednesday.The court heard that the Singa
pore couple, referred to only by their surname Chiang, had hired Shen because he looked honest and had a good-natured face.

Even their children - a boy and a girl - liked the friendly 'Uncle Shen', according to the People's Court Daily. No other details about the family were available.

Shen started work in May and was paid 2,500 yuan (S$490) a month.
But unknown to the Chiang family, he had racked up huge gambling debts, the Shanghai Daily reported yesterday. Worse, he had a criminal record and had served seven years in jail for rape and involvement in gang activities.

Driver kidnapped S'porean's kids