A DEALER of Resorts World Sentosa accused last week of stealing $200 cash chips from the casino was further charged with 95 offences on Monday.

Malaysian Ng Wuey Kiang's co-accused, Leong Teck Leong, 39, charged earlier with instigating the 23-year-old to steal the cash chips, also had 95 charges brought against him.

Ng allegedly stole casino chips totalling $1,520 from his employer on seven occasions between Oct 2 and 9.

Both men are said to have, on 40 occasions, cheated the casino of a total of $28,850 by manipulating a roulette game in the casino.

Ng allegedly used a certain force to spin the wheel of the roulette to achieve a result which was in favour to the bet placed by Leong to deceive the casino into believing that it was a legitimate game result, and induced the casino to pay out winnings of $175 to $1,565 to Leong.

Both men are accused of 48 counts of trying to cheat the casino.

Leong, who is unemployed, is out on $70,000 bail while $100,000 bail was granted to Ng.

The cases were adjourned for a pre-trial conference on Dec 2.
If convicted, the duo faces a jail term of up to seven years and a fine for each count of theft.

For cheating, the maximum penalty is a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine on each charge.

Duo face 95 more charges