ANOTHER Qantas passenger jet made an emergency landing here last night because of engine trouble, a day after the Australian carrier's A-380 plane had to turn back when one of its engines exploded in mid-air.

The Boeing 747-400, which was also bound for Sydney, landed safely at Changi Airport, said a Qantas spokesman. There were 412 passengers, three flight crew and 16 cabin crew on board.

'Shortly after take-off, the captain experienced an issue with one of its engines,' the spokesman added.

Fire engines and ambulances were on standby but not deployed. Passengers disembarked using the usual aerobridge, said a Changi Airport Group spokesman.

According to the Qantas website, Flight QF6 uses a Boeing 747-400, which is fitted with four Rolls-Royce RB211-524G-T engines and is a daily flight that operates between Frankfurt and Sydney with a stopover in Singapore.

Last night's aborted flight came only a day after a harrowing incident in which a Rolls-Royce engine on one of the airline's Airbus A-380s exploded in mid-air, forcing an emergency landing in Singapore and raising possible questions over the superjumbo jet.

Engine trouble hits 2nd jet