IN ONE of the most widespread price increases in recent memory, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates will go up by $1 per car at 23 gantries, or about one-third of the total network, from next month.

Usually, ERP rate adjustments - which are done every quarter and during school holidays - affect anywhere from three to a dozen gantries.

Rates are raised when speeds on a particular road or area fall below the optimal range, and are lowered when they fall back within optimal range.
The optimal range on expressways is 45 to 65kmh, while that on arterial roads is 20 to 30kmh.

Motorists entering the Central Business District (CBD) at any of the 11 gantries dotting the Bugis-Marina Centre Cordon between 6.30pm and 7pm on weekdays will have to pay $3, up from $2 now.

Drivers going into the Orchard Road area - which is cordoned by nine gantries - on weekday and Saturday evenings will also have to pay more.

ERP up $1 at 25 gantries