ONE of six China-born throwers, who moved to Singapore about a decade ago under the Foreign Sports Talent (FST) scheme, lost his suit against the Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) in a district court on Thursday.
Former shot putter Luan Wei, 27, wanted compensation from SAA for allegedly breaking its promises to him.

In the civil suit trial that lasted 12 days, Mr Luan, who returned to China after his dismissal, and his mother, Madam Zhang Ping, 55, had argued that SAA broke its word by failing to provide him with education, training, allowances and a chance of gaining Singapore citizenship in his five years here.

They also claimed loss of earnings and expenses arising from the SAA's breach of contract.

No amount was specified in the statement of claim, but the maximum the Subordinate Courts could award is $250,000. Court papers indicated that the sportsman's parents had asked the SAA for $500,000 as compensation in 2004. This was for what they alleged was 'five years wasted' by their son here as he did not receive any formal schooling and proper coaching.

Ex-shot putter loses suit