HANOI - FACEBOOK says it wants to grow its presence in communist Vietnam, despite concerns that foreign diplomats and others have raised about access to the site.

In a job posting on its website, the world's most popular social networking site said it is seeking a manager for policy and growth in the country.

Observers said Vietnam began a more aggressive campaign to control cyberspace when it allegedly began blocking Facebook almost a year ago.

Users still have difficulty logging on through the site's homepage, but many have found other ways to access it.

These restrictions, as well as on news media, led Western donors late last year to say Vietnam's actions threatened its rapid economic progress.

Facebook's job posting says it is seeking someone fluent in English and Vietnamese, and who is comfortable 'in ambiguous situations'. The 12-month contract position, based in Hanoi, calls for someone with 'experience in government relations work'.

Vietnam's Internet growth is among the world's fastest, and users number almost 24 million or about 28 per cent of the population, according to a government spokesman who has called concerns over free expression groundless.

Facebook to grow in Vietnam