SINGAPORE - PASSENGERS on board the Qantas Boeing 747-400 jumbo that made an emergency landing in Singapore on Friday reported hearing an explosion and seeing flames on one of the engines minutes after takeoff.

Some passengers were screaming, while the cabin crew yelled 'crisis!' and ordered everyone to be on their seats as the plane prepared to make a forced landing at Changi Airport.
'It was pretty scary,' said Swedish tourist Lisa Ogden, 28. An engine on the wing exploded. It looked like fireworks, a pretty big one,' she told reporters after disembarking at the airport.

'The plane jumped a bit and the cabin crew were yelling 'crisis' and they told everyone to sit down. Some were screaming, one or two got up. It felt like forever but it was one minute then the fire was out,' she added.

The Sydney-bound plane was carrying 431 people, including 412 passengers. It was the second Qantas plane to be involved in a mid-air emergency in two days.

'We could see some flames coming out from the engine,' Singaporean passenger Terence Sim told reporters at the airport. 'We could see quite an impressive plume of flame from the engine,' said Australian national Andrew Jenkins, 43. 'There was a bang, not particularly loud, just loud enough to draw your attention.'

Fire, screams on Qantas jet