THE Health Ministry (MOH) and National Environment Agency (NEA) are investigating a food poisoning incident involving a licensed caterer, ISS Catering Services, operating at the Singapore Sports School.
The incident was made known to the authorities last Thursday.

To date, MOH has been notified of a total of 106 cases - all of which, including 11 who needed outpatient treatment - have since recovered. None of the affected cases required hospitalisation.

The victims fell ill between Nov 1 and 3, experiencing symptoms like diarrhoea, abdominal pain, headache and nausea.

MOH, NEA and PUB conducted joint inspections at the school last Thursday. PUB has confirmed that the potable water supply to the canteen is safe for consumption.

A total of 38 food samples and 10 environmental swabs were taken and sent to the laboratory for microbial analysis. 15 food handlers were also referred for screening for food-borne pathogens. Epidemiological investigations are ongoing.

As a precautionary measure, the canteen operator, ISS Catering Services, was required to clean up the food preparation and refreshment areas of the canteen.

MOH has advised the school to be alert to new cases and to ensure high standards of hygiene among students, staff and food handlers. NEA will continue to work with the school to monitor the hygiene situation at the canteen closely.

Food poisoning hits 106