Hi everyone, im giving birth tomorrow (14/2/16) finally.

I got married in 2014 and husband left when I was pregnant. we havent file for divorce.

he is msian and in msia now. i told him to come back so can make birth cert (because i not working anymore i need the baby bonus) but i cannot let him know about baby bonus because he will find ways to take the money to gamble and prostitute. but he not interested in coming back.

can i not put his name even we legally married? will it cause any issues?
if i dont put his name then i cannot get baby bonus even though i married, right?
i want baby to follow my surname, if put his, then future he might fight for baby with me. but ica tell me as long as legally married have to put his surname.
i dont want to end up changing another birth cert because very troublesome, if divorce after baby 1 year old, deed poll the BC also cannot amend .
what should i do?

i dont want my son to end up illegitimate but idw him to follow my ex surname also.

and because i not working, really need to depend on the baby bonus.

going crazy at this rate, sooner or later will post natal depression. ):