CHICAGO - JAPANESE automaker Honda Motor Co announced the recall of nearly 528,000 vehicles worldwide on Friday due to a defect with the cylinder that holds brake fluid.

The recall comes a day after Toyota announced a safety recall of about 1.5 million vehicles worldwide to fix a brake fluid leak that it warned can gradually diminish braking performance. The defective cylinders were built by the same Ohio-based supplier, ADVICS, a Honda spokesman said.

'Our supplier is the one who actually notified us of the issue,' Honda spokesman Christina Ra told AFP. The recall affects 2005 to 2007 model years of the Acura RL and Honda Odyssey vehicles built at Honda's Saitama, Japan plant.

The bulk of the affected vehicles - nearly 472,000 - were exported to the United States. Honda is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the defect, Ms Ra said.

Honda said its recall was to 'prevent the unlikely failure of a seal in the brake master cylinder'. The seal could fail if factory-installed brake fluid is replaced with substandard brake fluids that have 'reduced lubrication properties.' If that were to happen, the low brake fluid warning lamp would light up, Honda said.

It cautioned that 'failure to repair the master cylinder seal would eventually result in a soft brake pedal and the possible loss of one of the two hydraulic braking circuits.' Notices will soon be sent to owners and repairs will be performed free of charge, Honda said.

Honda recalls 528,000 vehicles