For general discussion...

with the influx of expat families and foreigners recently (and gaining PR status), how do you think your child can face the competition in time to come in the work force? All these expat kids from international schools, who would have attained PR, will be climbing for high management. They would also have what I believe to be a more well-rounded education as compared to our highly academic but mentally stifling education.

From what I see now, many Singaporeans are horrifyingly content with just middle-management. Either afraid of more responsibility or lack aspiration. (Just enough to pay for HDB, car and bills will do.)

On the other hand, we have foreign workers from less fortunate countries who are more earnest and hardworking, and willing to take "lower status" jobs at lower wages. Singaporeans tend to think they are better than they really are, and continue to pursue the unrealistic without working from the ground up. Many fail to realise that in order to fulfill their aspirations, they have to sacrifice first.

DO you think your kid will grow up to be like that? And lose out to foreigners? (Can we really blame them for "stealing" our jobs)

What will you do to prep your child for such competition?