LAWYERS in Singapore will find their work a little easier when an improved LawNet, the Republic's legal electronic database, is up and running from the second half of next year.

Instead of having to type, print, scan and then send the online copies of legal documents like affidavits to the courts, lawyers only need to fill in the details directly in the computer system. The courts can then access the information via the online Integrated Electronic Litigation System, thus sparing court officers the laborious task of leafing through court documents to obtain information.

The changes were unveiled at an event on Wednesday marking the 20th anniversary of LawNet, launched by the Attorney-General's Chambers in 1990.

The improved system will free up lawyers' time and, it is hoped, bring down legal costs for clients, said Mr Lim Seng Siew, LawNet senior director at the Singapore Academy of Law.

Speaking at the event held at the National Museum, Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong announced possible plans to streamline the conveyancing process.

Supreme Court Judge Lee Seiu Kin, who also heads the LawNet Management Committee, paid tribute to those who designed and set up the online database. One of them was Mr Robin Hu, senior executive vice-president of the Chinese Newspapers Division and Newspaper Services at Singapore Press Holdings. Mr Hu was previously a manager at the National Computer Board.

Improved LawNet next year