A KEY witness at the former National Kidney Foundation's chief executive officer T.T. Durai's trial was acquitted of three charges after they were withdrawn on Friday.

Mr Tan Kee Kan, 67, managing director of DTC and chairman of TID Associates, was cleared of helping Mr Durai, a close business associate and long-time frienda fictitious invoice of DTC to deceive NKF into releasing $20,000 to him in December 2003 for services which were not rendered.

He was also acquitted of two counts of giving false evidence at Mr Durai's trial in a district court on March 13, 2007.

The prosecution did not give any reason for withdrawing the charges.

But Mr Tan, represented by Mr Gregory Ong, has been given a stern warning by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

Mr Durai was jailed three months cheating the NKF.

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