A CHINESE national who tried to cheat the Marina Bay Sands casino by placing a late bet in a dice game was jailed for three months on Wednesday.

Construction worker Gu Xiao Dong, 36, had pleaded guilty to trying to cheat a crouper by intentionally placing chips worth $25 on a bet in the sic bo game after the result had been declared on Oct 9.

The court heard that Gu wagered five chips of $5 each on the three digit die box combination of 125.

When the croupier pressed the dice to roll, Gu removed his wager from the table.

Subsequently, when the results were announced, he immediately placed the same amount on the winning combination.

The croupier saw this. But if he had not noticed the late bet, Gu would have received a winning payout of $750.

He could have been jailed for up to five years and fined.

Jailed for casino cheating bid