A FORMER ticketing supervisor who siphoned off about $270,000 from her employer over a three-year period was jailed for 21 months on Friday.

Goh Hwee Joo, 41, admitted to one charge of criminal breach of trust of $133,777 from Dynasty Travel International at New Bridge Road between February and July 2008.

A district court heard that her offences were detected when one of Dynasty's corporate clients, Enterprise Ireland, disputed an unpaid sum of $42,965 in June that year.

When confronted, Goh, a single mother of one, confessed that the passengers named in the invoices were not from Enterprise.

She admitted having collected payments by walk-in customers and processed the sale under Enterprise's account so that she could use the money and return to the company later.

Investigation showed that before she joined Dynasty, Goh had incurred huge credit card debts and loans for renovation and from her previous employer, Holiday ours.

She misappropriated $133,777 to pay off her debts and for personal and family expenses.

She had covered up her deeds by using credit card payments and cheque payments by other customers to pay for the invoices.

Two other similar charges totalling $136,198 were considered during her sentencing.

Goh could have been jailed for up to 15 years and fined for the offence.

Jailed for CBT of $270,000