A COFFEE shop supervisor concealed his mobile phone in an empty shampoo container to record video footage of a woman showering in the toilet.

When Poh Cher Boon, 51, an undischarged bankrupt, found that the footage was not clear enough, he repeated the act the next day.

Yesterday, the father of four was jailed for one month after he pleaded guilty to two counts of insulting the modesty of the 29-year-old foreign worker at her apartment on Feb 7 and 8 last year.

The victim, who worked as a coffee shop assistant, was sharing the unit with three others, one female and two male. Poh, as the supervisor, had access to the place.

The court heard Poh bought the cellphone used in the crime just a day before, on Feb 6. He went to the apartment on the evening of Feb7 and hid the phone in the bathroom. It was not revealed in court how the phone could record images through a shampoo bottle.

He returned later in the night to retrieve the phone, which he took home to view the video footage he had captured.

Jailed for filming woman in shower