ALTHOUGH he was alone in the car when it was rammed by a taxi, Tan Kok Seng told police he had four passengers.

The odd-job worker then got a law firm to file personal injury accident claims on behalf of three of the phantom passengers.

Yesterday, Tan was jailed for four months after pleading guilty to providing false information to the police and conspiring to cheat an insurance firm.

A court heard that Tan, 37, called alleged accomplice Ong Ai Peng, 48, a former tow-truck driver, after the accident in Yishun Avenue 2 in February 2008. Ong arranged for a tow truck and accompanied Tan to seek medical treatment the next day.

He is also said to have convinced Tan to pursue the personal injury claim against the taxi driver through India International Insurance (III). Tan then filed the false police report.

Ong allegedly roped in his wife and two daughters as the phantom passengers. All three are believed to have pretended they suffered injuries such as whiplash. Each claim amounted to more than $9,000.

Jailed for 'phantom' scam