A JEWELLERY store which had more than 500 jewellery pieces seized by a mall owner for owing almost $900,000 in rent failed in the High Court to get the items back.

It had unsuccessfully argued that the goods belonged to its supplier and should not have been seized.

Cupid Jewels Pte Ltd had been renting a second-level unit at Orchard Central since August last year.

But a year later, Orchard Central sought court orders to have its goods seized by court officials after the jewellery store chalked up some $891,000 in rent arrears.

But a third party, Forever Jewels which supplied the items to Cupid, claimed that the goods belong to them and sought their return.

At issue is whether Orchard Central has the right to sell the items if they belonged to a third party who merely transferred the consignment of goods to a retailer.

Jewellery seized for rent