JAKARTA - A TOP Indonesian judge has thrown his weight behind the death sentence for people found guilty of corruption in a bid to wipe out rampant graft in the country, news reports said on Sunday.

Indonesia can take a leaf out of China's book where the death penalty is enforced 'with no protest from the people", Constitutional Court chief Mohammad Mahfud was quoted as saying by MediaIndonesia.com website.

'The death penalty is possible if there's danger. China has been implementing it and the people are satisfied,' he added.

In Indonesia, those convicted of corruption are currently sentenced to 'only three to four years in jail, lighter than sentences given to petty criminals", Mahfud was quoted as saying by Detikcom news website on Saturday.

'China has been implementing the death sentence for corruptors, there's a deterrent effect. If this is applied in Indonesia, it will reduce the number of corruption (cases),' he said.

Those convicted of murder, drug trafficking and terrorism currently face the death penalty in Indonesia. Transparency International ranked Indonesia 111 out of 180 countries in a corruption survey last year.

Judge 'backs death penalty'