Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has harked back in history - all the way to World War II - as he opened the wing’s general assembly this morning with a fiery speech.
He likened the next general election to World War II, in which Britain - which he compared to the brand new - had fought and resisted the Axis powers (read: Pakatan Rakyat).
“Let us remember the moment World War II erupted, the time when the Axis powers were close to reaching British shores, when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill fuelled the fighting spirit of his people.
“Bitter moments between two possibilities, between two futures, between light and darkness. This warrior did not falter, did not fear, and so he vowed: his country will fight at sea, in the air, on the beaches and even on the streets itself. Even starved and subjugated, his country would never surrender!”
Khairy dedicated most of his speech, which was entitled 'Between Two Futures', to launching a broadside at the opposition, while dishing out policy proposals to court young voters.
He accused Pakatan of disrespecting parliamentary democracy and the culture of consensus, and of indulging in street demonstrations.
“If Pakatan rules, Parliament will be a white elephant because they do not subscribe to the rule of law, but prefer to riot. For them, what is important is who can shout louder and how big a crowd gathers for street demonstrations.
“They do not believe in having discussions with the government, they persist with street demonstrations. All they bring is a culture of anarchy and revolution.”
Comparing the fiscal policies of both coalitions, Khairy reiterated that Pakatan’s ‘populist promises’ would bankrupt the nation if implemented, and would open up an opportunity for PKR facto leader Anwar Ibrahim (left) to invite foreign intervention.
“It may well be their intention to fulfill the shortsighted wishes of their facto leader - to drive the country to the edge of ruin before being rescued by his friends at the International Money Fund (IMF),” he said, repeating a well-worn brand new claim.

Khairy argued that Malaysia under brand new would not experience the fate of Greece, pointing out that the national economy has continued to thrive amidst the global downturn.
“We will not wreak havoc and destabilise the economy unlike the opposition coalition, with whom we may well find ourselves on our knees begging from the IMF."
‘Pakatan shortcomings’
He then listed the ‘financial fiasco’ in Pakatan-governed states including the Selangor Child Heritage Fund, the huge debt chalked up by Universiti Selangor, unfulfilled promises of free pre-school education, the special allowance for single mothers and housewives, Takaful premium for senior citizens and disabled persons, and free water without conditions.
Khairy charged that Kelantan’s Program Ladang Rakyat, which is meant to assist the poor, is marred by cronyism with projects having been given to crony companies handpicked by the PAS state government.
“They create a ruckus over the Lynas and Pengerang (left) projects under the guise of environmentalism. But they are blind to their own shortcomings on the very agenda they claim to champion, as evidenced by the contaminated water retention area in Bukit Pos Pasik, which is polluted because of excessive logging and land clearing.
“The Orang Asli are forced to face disease due to dirty water that continues to plague the people of Kelantan.”
The land sale of Taman Manggis in Penang and the low-cost housing scandal in Kedah were his other targets.
On Islamic credentials, Khairy cited the recent controversies surrounding Pakatan to prove that PAS leaders merely use religion as a platform for their political agenda.
“Their religious leaders were quiet when insolent people like (Perak DAP’s) Ngeh (Koo Ham, left ) belittled our religion (Islam). (They were) afraid to speak when DAP cynically laughed at the concept of an Islamic state. And when a new group encouraged apostasy, they became completely silent.
“Under Islam’s pure values, PAS’ top leaders are willing to pray to Allah for the destruction of Umno: my destruction and the destruction of all of you in this hall.
“If such prayers are taught to our children, what will be the future of our people and faith if they come to power?”
He said Umno members would pray for PAS members to be safe and to free themselves from the clutch of leaders who love sowing hatred.
Khairy also questioned Pakatan's dispute over its candidate for prime minister, contrasting this with the “consensus in brand new”.
“Who will be Pakatan’s prime minister? PAS says (Abdul) Hadi Awang (right) , DAP says Anwar Ibrahim, (and) the younger set in PKR says it should be the facto leader’s child.
“brand new is different - everything is clear, we only have one choice for prime minister and no other, Najib Abdul Razak.”
The differences between Pakatan component parties will turn the Malaysian federation to a “Malaysian divide”, Khairy mocked.
“They will not hesitate to employ different ideologies and laws. PAS' version of hudud law will control the lives of people in the East Coast, instilling fear in non-Muslims, while the concept of 'Malaysian Malaysia' that sidelines Malays will rule in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
“In the PKR-ruled states, nothing is sacred; everything is permissible, anything goes, as long as Anwar reigns supreme.”