PETALING JAYA - A PROPOSAL for a high-speed train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore using the magnetic levitation (maglev) technology will soon be submitted to the Government, industry sources said.

The sources also said the Government would soon appoint an international consulting firm to study the various proposals for the high-speed rail link to Singapore.

The maglev is the train system that links Shanghai's Pudong airport with its financial district and was the first installation of its kind in the world.

The journey of 30 km takes about seven minutes. The maglev train in Shanghai can reach speeds of up to 350 km per hour in two minutes, although new generation trains being developed on this technology can go even faster, it is understood.

The maglev proposal will be competing with that of the conventional high-speed rail network, an idea first mooted by the YTL Group. Its technology partner then was said to be Germany's Siemens, a global expert in high-speed rail technology.

The YTL proposal however did not get the green light, due in part to the high costs involved. But the concept of a high-speed rail link from KL to Singapore recently surfaced again. It was cited as a proposed 'high impact' project in the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) that was unveiled last month.

KL-S'pore high-speed link