THE KTM train station in Tanjong Pagar will be conserved and will serve as a centrepiece for any future development on the site, said Foreign Minister George Yeo on Monday.

The building will be vacated by next July under a landmark land swap deal between Singapore and Malaysia, and will relocate to Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Replying to a question from Jurong GRC MP Halimah Yacob on plans for the station, Mr Yeo said it has also been agreed that the old Bukit Timah railway station building at Blackmore Drive could be conserved as well.

'The rest of the land along the railway tracks will be incorporated into the future development plans of the surrounding areas to meet Singapore's development needs,' he added.

Details of the relocation of the railway station and other implementation issues are being looked into by a Joint Implementation Team co-chaired by the Secretary General of Malaysia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Secretary of Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Yeo said results of the team's discussion will be completed by Dec 31.

KTM station to be conserved