THREE carriages of a KTM passenger train, bound for Kuala Lumpur, derailed along the track at Bukit Timah Road, near King Albert Park, at about 8.15am on Tuesday morning.

No one was reported hurt.

The train left Tanjong Pagar station at about 8am and went off track at the section near King Albert Park. Only the first three carriages derailed, with the first more badly damaged than the other two.

A passenger told The Straits Times at the scene: 'The train braked very hard suddenly. But most on us on board didn't think there was anything wrong.

Everyone was calm. We realised the first few carriages had derailed when the train came to a stop along the track at Bukit Timah.'

Some of the passengers disembarked and walked to the main road to catch their own transport.

KTM train derails