BILLIONAIRE investor Peter Lim is making waves in the stock market again, just weeks after an exhilarating bid for Liverpool Football Club fell through.

The man once known as the 'remisier king' is making a general offer of about $513 million for Thomson Medical Centre, the medical services group that specialises in women and children's health-care.

At a price of $1.75 a share, Mr Lim has bought over the entire 39.34 per cent stake of the firm's founder Dr Cheng Wei Chen and his family, giving him the largest stake in the company and triggering a general offer.

The offer is 62 per cent higher than the last traded price of $1.08 on Thursday, which was itself an all-time high for the stock.

Mr Lim said: 'Given the growing population and affluence in the region, there will be increasing demand for private health-care services.

'Singapore is a regional hub for services and Thomson Medical is well-placed to tap on this demand. WE believe it has potential to develop further as a regional health-care company.'

Thomson Medical, was founded in 1979 by current executive chairman, Dr Cheng , becoming known in the areas of women's obstetrics and gynaecology and also paediatrics.

The Singapore health-care provider recently has foraged overseas with a consulting and management project in Vietnam's Hanh Phuc Hospital which begins operations next month.

Thomson Medical racked up a 24.2 per cent rise in net profit to $15.89 million in its 2010 financial year, and it's full-year revenue also surged 21.2 per cent to $81.68 million, spurred by more patient visits and baby deliveries.

Lim makes offer for Centre