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dont't mean no disrespect here everyone. But if this man were caught setting fire to his apartment before the tragedy really struck, and he's in the lockup and in need of some serious face time with an expert, SERIOUSLY, NONE OF YOU WOULD BE UP TO THE TASK.

A man is a human being, a person. Flesh and blood and all kinds of messed-up. In this case, messed up because he had been too stupid, too crazy in love, and lavished too much materialistic love on his family (if the press's words are true), but this is only what separates us from the monkeys.

This is the culmination of a materialistic society. You can't have materialism without spending. You can't have spending without breaking the bank. It is the "道". I'm no Christian, but Christians have a saying: it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through [a narrow gate in the wall of Jerusalem]. When you're rich, you'd think the way you show your love to your loved ones is buy them a shitload of expensive stuff. But what about free time? What about family get together, the stuff that really matters? This is why in old America people used to go for picnics, go on camping trips, go for fishing. These things dont't take big bucks. But it takes for a family to put time aside and do things together. Not "Disneyland together", just together with each other. It takes for a mother to drag the child's ass away from his GTA4 addiction and expensive hi-fi that blows a hole through your wall, and go out to just look at the clouds. Can you do that? Have you done that at all? Have you spent time with your family? Have you offered to help your neighbours instead of avoiding them as if they have a(h1n1), and worse, spy on them as if they are terrorists harbouring secret weapons in their squalid rooms?

We are all people, ladies, until we snap and create a problem. but if there are enough helpers and nurturers in this world, we can cut down on the "snap"-ping.

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I dont seems to get your point...... Whatever the adult problem is, its the adult problem. He can go and commit suicide or fight it out with the wife. Mummy are upset becos innocent young child whom has no right to choice for their parents are died becos of their parent's problem.

I watch Penguin's Daddy last night. The girl say the children is the one who alway suffer when parents get into arguements.