MAS Selamat Kastar is being detained at the highest risk category - the red level - which restricts his movements more than the other detainees in two lower categories.

He is heavily shackled when he moves around outside his cell and is being watched and escorted by more Gurkha guards to 'ensure that whatever measures or acts that he plans to have will not succeed,' said Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng in Parliament on Monday, replying to questions from MPs.

He added that security measures at the Whitley Road Detention Centre where he escaped on Feb 27, 2008, have been strengthened, and the procedural and infrastructural measures have also been audited by the Prisons Department.

Besides an annual inspection by the Prisons Department, detainees at WRDC are now classified into three different categories, based on the level of risk they posed.

A new purpose-built detention centre will also be built in the Changi Prison grounds, which is due to be completed in four to five years.

A team of investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is questioning Mas Selamat on his escape from the WRDC, while another team from ISD is investigating the case from a security or counter-terrorism angle, said Mr Wong.

This includes both determining the terrorist attack plans that had surfaced in investigations by the Malaysian security agencies and identifying the residual elements of the JI network, whether Singaporeans or others, with whom Mas Selamat had made contact and sought to regroup and collaborate to develop such plans.

Mas Selamat held at highest level