A FORMER IT engineer who was a mathematics prodigy was found guilty of molesting a woman doctor during a consultation and fined $8,000 yesterday.

Pham Thai Ha, 30, was convicted last week of holding on to the shoulders of the 26-year-old general practitioner and trying to kiss her left cheek.

The Vietnamese citizen and Singapore permanent resident, a father of one, also grasped her hand and pulled her towards him at a clinic in Clementi on June 8 last year.

Pham, who won a Singapore Asean scholarship for his master's degree in electrical and computer engineering at the National University of Singapore, was fined $7,000 for outraging modesty and $1,000 for using criminal force.

During the seven-day trial before District Judge Kamala Ponnampalam, the doctor had testified that she prescribed Pham an antibiotic cream for a rash on his finger.

He then complained about a rash on his behind. She told him to take off his trousers. As she was examining him, he grabbed her hand. She pulled away and went to her table, but Pham sat naked on the couch and asked: 'Are you sure you've finished checking?'

Maths whiz fined for molest