ONLY 0.5 per cent of Chinese men are consistently satisfied with their sexual experiences and the amount of sex they are getting is "far less" than people enjoy in Western countries, according to a new survey.

The survey says that almost 70 per cent of Chinese men have sex between two and five times a month.

"The frequency for men in Western countries is between two and five times a week," said Zhang Yilan, an official from the Chinese Medical Development Research Council who was among the experts involved in the survey.

The research, which took five months to complete and involved 33,000 men, was conducted jointly by the council and Beijing Dawn Hospital. It included an online questionnaire, Beijing-based street interviews and analysis of hospital records.

The findings were released earlier this week. Ms Zhang said the survey set 100 as the maximum for satisfaction from sex.

"Seventy percent of men rated their satisfaction under 60. If we take 60 as a pass score, it means that 70 per cent of men failed. I was surprised by that," she said.

Men deflated by sex lives