A BRILLIANT 19-year-old British male Cambridge University student,who was inconsolable and grief-stricken after his closest friend Tan Mingwei was hit and killed by a London double-decker on Sept 30, is believed to have committed suicide four days later.

Mr George Starling, 19, was found dead in his college flat on Oct 4 after Miss Tan, 20, died after she was dragged almost 200m underneath the bus. Police are not treating his death as suspicious.

He had switched off his mobile telephone and refused to speak to university friends and even his family, since the tragic death of Miss Tan, a 20-year-old Singaporean medical student at Cambridge.

London police confirmed to The Straits Times on Friday that Miss Tan's dead friend was Mr Starling, an engineering student in his second year at Cambridge's Peterhouse College. Students have told university officials and the police that Mr Starling was very close to Miss Tan and had been full of remorse and grief ever since she died - especially the awful circumstances of her death.

Police told The Straits Times that there were 'no suspicious circumstances' about Mr Starling's death, indicating it was suicide. It is not known if any note was found. Friends found Mr Starling's body in his flat near the campus four days after Miss Tan's death. But the grim discovery was only publicly revealed on Friday afternoon because relatives had to be contacted.

Miss Tan introduced Mr Starling - the son of a distinguished British Army Colonel - to university life. She started at at Cambridge a year before he did.

He met many of her friends and joined in their social activities. Mr Starling spent the summer as an intern at Cranfield University, researching the resistance of currently-used British Army battle helmets to explosions and shrapnel. His first paper, jointly authored by another student, was due to be published soon - a major achievement for an undergraduate.

Mingwei's friend found dead