HE HAD a successful career in banks and is well-known in the social-service circles, having led a charitable organisation that runs moral education centres, children's homes and a shelter for abused women and teenage mothers.

But Alfie Othman, 40, is now facing of three charges for insulting and outraging the modesty of two women, both 23.

It was not immediately clear from court documents obtained by The Straits Times which woman was the subject of his alleged attention in the three incidents, said to have taken place between December 2008 and early last year.

Charged in court last week, he is out on bail of $10,000.

Two of the three charges he faces are for insulting the modesty of a woman, an offence which carries a jail term of up to a year, or a fine, or both.

The first of these alleges that sometime in December 2008, in a Turkish restaurant in Shaw Towers, he had asked one of the women, whether she was a virgin and, if not, what sexual positions she had tried before.

Molest charges for do-gooder