KUALA LUMPUR - PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Budget 2011, which has allocated RM29.3 billion (S$12.7 billion) to the education ministry, has set high targets for it to create world-class students with critical thinking skills, creativity and innovation.

He said the Government will provide RM6.4 billion to build and upgrade schools, hostels and facilities.

'An additional RM213 million will be allocated as rewards for high performance schools (HPS), including its principals, head teachers and outstanding teachers.

'An allocation of RM250 million will be given out to religious, vernacular, missionary and Government assisted schools,' he said when disclosing the budget recently.

Najib said the Government will use RM213 million to hire teachers who are native speakers of the English language from Britain and Australia to improve the local standard of the language by streamlining the standard curriculum of primary schools.

He added that the Government will hire 800 pre-school graduate teachers and start up approximately 1,700 new pre-school classes by end of next year.

More funding for education