MOST flights between Singapore and Jakarta were restored on Sunday, a day after a massive volcanic ash cloud from Indonesia's Mount Merapi forced more than a dozen cancellations.

Airlines which resumed service cited a change in wind direction which blew the ash away from Jakarta.

But some Indonesian experts have warned that the respite may be brief as another change in the wind direction could direct the ash clouds towards Jakarta, which would create more flight disruptions.

The Indonesian capital, which is 450km west of Merapi, has so far been spared the ash cloud.

In all, only nine flights between Singapore and Jakarta were cancelled on Sunday, compared to 19 cancellations on Saturday.

Despite the resumption of flights, many international airlines still chose to cancel or reduce services to the Indonesian capital yesterday, as Mount Merapi continued to shoot ash up to 6km into the air. That is about 20,000 feet, which could affect some cruising jetliners.

Most Jakarta flights resume