THE Temasek Review, which on Wednesday night carried a masthead that displayed 'New Temasek Review', has claimed that the name change was due to a slow response from its web host.

Temasek Review, a socio-political website, did not give any reason for the apparent name change at the time, which was reported by local media.

In a reply to The Straits Times article posted on the Temasek Review website, an editor's note said: 'Our tech was working on a new layout for our site on the slave server and had changed the site name there to NEW for easy reference but the instruction given to our host to suspend the hardware load balancer was only acknowledged by them an hour late, hence causing the name change to be replicated to all servers in the cluster.

'This was discovered hours later by our tech and corrected.'

Temasek Review said it 'regretted the confusion caused' and wished to clarify that it had not heard from Temasek Holdings. It added that it would only change the site's name after it has received an official request from Temasek Holdings and a 'satisfactory reply' to queries it has sent to the government investment company.

Earlier on Wednesday night, Temasek Holdings' spokesman declined to comment when contacted about the 'name change'.

Temasek Holdings issued a letter via the media last Friday asking the website to change its name, arguing that 'Temasek Review' was a term 'indisputably associated' with the investment company and that the website was just trying to capitalise on the goodwill and reputation linked to it.

Name change due to a lapse