Give us grief and we will splash your 'dirty deeds' online

"MOST employers who are unhappy with the work or behaviour of their maids usually just fire them.
But at least 100 employers have taken it a step further - posting their maids' details online and griping about their misdeeds and shortcomings.
Their reason - to warn other employers against hiring them.
The New Paper on Sunday has learnt of at least two websites where disgruntled employers have posted their maids' photos and aired their grouses....
Two employers who spoke to The New Paper on Sunday said they wrote the postings not to defame the maids, but to warn other potential employers.
While one lawyer said the postings could be potentially defamatory, she added that employers have nothing to worry about if they can prove what the maids did.
Another defence the websites and the employers have is qualified privilege since they talk about hiring maids, said MsChia..."

Below Blog for your reference... got it from the blogger herself... reserve my comments... cos' have not't read the blog... (not cos' I scared kena sued... like the other forum thread)

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