PUNDITS have predicted the end of print journalism with the rise of new media, but Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong believes newspapers can still stay relevant.

To do so, local newspapers will have to build on the relationship of trust they have with their readers and keep their finger on the Singapore pulse.

They also need highly skilled professionals in the newsrooms, and have to harness the latest technology to meet the different ways people access news.

Mr Goh set out these steps the print media can take to meet the challenges posed by new media, in a speech on Wednesday night at the 10th anniversary celebration of MediaCorp free morning daily Today.

In Singapore, he noted, people have numerous sources of news. More than 80 per cent of homes have broadband Internet access, and many international publications provide free content online.

These news sources also cater to niche interests, which draw readers away from traditional newspapers.

Newspapers still relevant