MORE stringent speed limits for heavy vehicles? No, this will create more safety problems, said Transport Minister Raymond Lim.

Replying to questions from Aljunied GRC MP Cynthia Phua, who asked if even more stringent speed limits for heavy trucks would be enforced, Mr Lim said lowering the present speed limit would increase the speed differential between such vehicles and other others travelling on the same roads 'which could in turn create more safety concerns'.

'In general, a larger speed differential between different classes of vehicles could lead to higher incidences of vehicular interactions such as lane changing, braking and overtaking,' said Mr Lim in his written response.

'Our focus should therefore be on ensuring that drivers of heavy vehicles drive safely within the prescribed speed limits.'

He said an enhanced speed limiter regime for heavy vehicles will be introduced by the Traffic Police in due course.

This follows a three-month trial carried out by the Traffic Police to test the effectiveness of a Global Positioning System (GPS) based system to enhance the present speed limiter regime for heavy vehicles last year.

The current speed limiter regime has been in place since 1999 and it is prone to tampering, said Mr Lim.

Mr Lim also revealed that that an average of 22 speed-related fatal and injury accidents involving heavy vehicles were reported every year.

No to more stringent speed limits