STRAIGHT A's alone will not be enough to get you into Singapore's third medical school.

The one to be set up by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Imperial College London will also require its students to be team players, relate well to people and have solid communication skills.

Imperial College officials here to ink their partnership with NTU said the school wants to produce doctors who will not only have sound medical knowledge, but also the 'humanity' to give patient-centred care.

It is about bringing 'service' back to medicine, about producing 'the kind of doctors you and I would want to be treated by', said Professor Martyn Partridge, who will be the senior vice-dean of the school, set to open in 2013.

The professor of respiratory medicine at Imperial College added: 'There's been a danger that we've lost that feeling of service in my profession. If it's important for a restaurant or hotel, then it quite definitely has to be at the centre when we offer support to people who are ill, elderly or frightened.'

NTU president Su Guaning said students will be exposed to patients from their first year and deal with them in various health- care settings, including hospitals, polyclinics and nursing homes. Student doctors will also be trained to lead teams and be comfortable with technology. To ensure the students can coordinate care across the spectrum of health-care providers, they will be put into multi-disciplinary teams made up of nurses and allied health-care professionals.

A's not enough for med school