LOS ANGELES - A LAWYER for a fertility doctor said on Tuesday the doctor consulted the mother of octuplets about the dangers of bearing multiple babies and he didn't refute allegations she was implanted with 12 embryos, far in excess of national guidelines.

Dr Michael Kamrava's lawyer Henry Fenton said at the doctor's licensing hearing in Los Angeles that Nadya Suleman's medical records show she was consulted about the dangers on several occasions.

Dr Kamrava's hard-to-understand records frequently came up during the cross-examination of the state's fertility expert in the case, Dr Victor Fujimoto, who heads the fertility program at the University of California San Francisco.

Dr Kamrava used uncommon abbreviations and his 'scribbles' are indecipherable, making it unclear what consultations transpired before Suleman went on to have octuplets in 2009, Dr Fujimoto said.

'I do not recall any documentation in the record referring to her children and the risks to her children,' Dr Fujimoto said, adding that mentions of the risks of multiple gestation and fetal reduction were limited to a few lines. Mr Fenton didn't refute allegations made on Monday that Dr Kamrava had implanted Suleman with 12 embryos, resulting in octuplets.

Dr Kamrava 'knew that a 12-embryo transfer was unsafe,' said Deputy Attorney General Judith Alvarado, representing the medical board in its effort to revoke or suspend Dr Kamrava's medical license. There are health risks associated with crowding in a mother's uterus that could endanger the mother and result in premature birth or other ailments for the babies.

Octo-mum 'knew dangers'