A LOW-LYING stretch of Orchard Road will be raised by an average of 30cm in a $26 million bid to stave off future floods.

The 1.4km stretch of road that will be affected runs from Orchard Parade Hotel to Cairnhill.

In some areas, such as at the junction with Scotts Road, the road and its surroundings may be raised by as much as 50cm to prevent rainwater from overflowing onto the roads.

The works will also include the re-tiling of pedestrian malls at crossings, and raising existing bus shelters and other facilities like ERP gantries and traffic lights.

Work will begin next month and is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

The plans were announced by national water agency PUB yesterday. To minimise disruption, most of the work will be carried out between midnight and 5am.

Orchard road to be raised