Dear parents,

I am Jingting, an undergrad from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who is looking for parents to participate in a research on parents' perceptions of youth gambling in Singapore.

Recently, reports of kids getting involved in underage gambling and loan shark borrowing have been on the rise. Academic research has shown that parents play a very important role in preventing their children from becoming addicted to gambling.

Hence, I am conducting a study on Singaporean parents to help empower our parents here to better protect their children from harmful effects of gambling.

Below is an e-flyer invite to take part in the study:

Worried about your kids betting online on soccer and poker games?

We'd like to hear your views about youth gambling!

If you are a Singaporean with children 10-14 years old, do join a group discussion conducted by NTU researchers in Dec'09 or Jan'10 and get $50 worth of cash and vouchers.

If you have friends or family members who may be interested, feel free to let them know about this too!

Please call 9722 3646 or 91887313 to take part, or email us at

Hope to hear from you soon!