A $40 MILLION programme to boost productivity has already seen more than 100 companies pledging to raise salaries by at least 10 per cent.

This will come when productivity- boosting measures, like new machinery and skills upgrading, bear fruit, said labour movement leaders on Tuesday.

Workers will also gain from bigger bonuses and one-off appreciation payments, they added.

These potential benefits were disclosed by the chairman of the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), Mr Ong Ye Kung, on Tuesday when he gave a progress report on the programme's first three months.

Called the Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) to reflect the Government's effort to help low-wage workers whose wages have stagnated in the last decade, its ultimate goal is to benefit 25,000 workers. e2i, run by NTUC, administers the programme.

Mr Ong said 110 productivity projects in companies from sushi restaurants to ammunition makers, have been approved. Another 80 are in the pipeline.

Pay rise for low-earners