HANOI - PRIME Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday revealed he has shifted the Government's preparations for the next polls into higher gear by convening the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee.

Only after this committee issues its report setting out the group representation constituencies (GRCs), single-member constituencies (SMCs) and their boundaries does the Prime Minister dissolve Parliament and call an election.

The time between the release of this report and Polling Day has ranged from 17 days to six months.

Speaking to Singapore media at the close of the Asean Summit here, Mr Lee also signalled the ruling People's Action Party's preparedness for a General Election, saying it has lined up new candidates of quality.

'I expect to bring in quite a number of new candidates and also several potential office holders and they will strengthen my leadership team.'

He has 'some good names', none of which he gave away. 'I'm not announcing elections today and there will be time yet to introduce the people and for you to get to know them,' he said.

Preparation for GE gears up