SINGAPORE is likely to be haze-free for the next three days, said the National Environment Agency (NEA).

With the region expected to see an increase in rainfall during the week, the haze situation will improve across the region as well as in Singapore.

Over the weekend, showers across the island brought the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) to the lowest level in at least four days. Yesterday, the PSI reading at 7am stood at a low 13 and climbed up to 30 at 8pm, which is still in the 'good' range.

The NEA said it could not determine the number of hot spots in Sumatra from satellite images because there was cloud cover over many parts of the region.

However, satellite images over northern Riau, a southern province of Sumatra, showed no hot spots or smoke haze.

Associate Professor Matthias Roth, deputy head of the geography department at the National University of Singapore, cautioned that the haze could come back if the dry weather persists, along with winds from the west or the south-west, or if there are a large number of forest fires.

Rain to keep haze at bay