A 32-YEAR-OLD Chinese national who dragged a woman into some bushes in a deserted area, then raped her, was jailed 16 1/2 years and ordered to be caned 20 strokes.

Prosecutors told the High Court that Dai Yunfa's 25-year-old victim, also a Chinese national, has been deeply traumatised by the attack.

'The accused had callously violated the sanctity of the victim's body after forcibly dragging her to a deserted wooded area, leaving her with painful physical and emotional scars,' said Deputy Public Prosecutor Chua Ying-hong.

The victim, who came here to work in 2008 and holds a white-collar job, cannot be named.

The DPP said that the woman, who has never had a boyfriend, is now worried that her future partner may have misgivings about her if he finds out she had been raped; she is also fearful that her employer may not extend her two-year contract.

On the night of Sept 8 last year, she was accosted by Dai while walking home from a bus stop in the Jurong area along the Ayer Rajah Expressway.

She begged him to let her go, offering him her mobile phone and money, asking him to visit a prostitute instead and even offering him oral sex. But he ignored her pleas and threatened to kill her.

Rapist jailed 16 1/2 years